About the Program

What are GROW Grants?

GRaduates Optimizing Wellness (GROW) Grants is a program designed to help graduate student communities access existing wellness resources on campus. Graduate student groups and departments may apply for funds to host wellness-focused workshops for their students at no cost.

Who can apply?

Any “intact community” which, in broader terms, means a community centered around a shared affiliation or identity may apply for a grant. Priority will be given to academic departments, schools or programs, and Registered Graduate Student Organizations. Applications will be reviewed on the 1st and 15th of every month. Applicants will be notified the following business day.

About the Wellness Fee

This program is generously funded by the Wellness Fee, which aims to support wellness services and programming services for students at UC Berkeley. To learn more, visit their site.

Spring 2020 Workshops

Art & Wellness Workshops

The Berkeley Art Studio is pleased to offer a variety of art-making workshops to meet the needs of your group. The Art Studio, a unit of the ASUC Student Union, offers classes and workshops to UC Berkeley students, faculty, staff, and alumni in a variety of media including ceramics, photography, drawing, painting, printmaking, and design. We invite you to take a break from your studies to learn a new skill in fun and relaxing environment. You’ll have a chance to socialize with other students while channeling your inner-creativity. We look forward to seeing you at the Art Studio!

  • Learn to build cups or other functional objects by hand and decorate them with textures and color. We’ll fire your work in our kilns and contact you to pick up the finished work 2-3 weeks after the workshop. Instructors will also demonstrate how to make cups and bowls on the potter’s wheel.

    Schedule & Time: Saturdays 10am-12pm or 5-7pm; Fridays 5-7pm; Sundays 5-7pm. Other times may be available upon request. Workshop time: 2 hours

    Maximum number of participants: 14
    Price: $300 (includes cost of materials & firing)
    Location: Berkeley Art Studio
  • Option 1.) Pinhole cameras – Learn how cameras work by taking photographs with a pinhole camera! Develop your image in our darkroom and take home your very own unique photographic print.Option 2.) Photograms – Explore the darkroom and learn how photographic enlargers work. Compose a design using found objects and expose it on photographic paper to make a photogram. Take your photogram home at the end of the workshop!

    Schedule & Time
    : Saturdays 10am-12pm or 5-7pm; Fridays 5-7pm; Sundays 5-7pm. Other times may be available upon request. Workshop time: 2 hours
    Maximum number of participants: 10
    Price: $300 per group (includes cost of materials)
    Location: Berkeley Art Studio
  • Learn the fun and magical process of screen printing by printing custom designs on t-shirts, tote bags or posters! Provide us with the artwork in advance, or we’ll pick something for you based on your interests.

    Schedule & Time: Saturdays 10am-12pm or 5-7pm; Fridays 5-7pm; Sundays 5-7pm. Other times may be available upon request. Workshop time: 2 hours
    Maximum number of participants: 14
    Price: $300 per group (includes cost of materials, with the exception of t-shirts)
    Location: Berkeley Art Studio


  • Get crafty with the Berkeley Art Studio! We’ll work with you to custom design a Pinterest-worthy project that your group will love. Project ideas include: bookbinding, paper crafts, macrame, watercolor painting, cardmaking, and more. If you would like to accommodate a larger group (larger than 14 students), this is the project for you.

    Schedule & Time: Custom-scheduled; Workshop time: 2 hours
    Maximum number of participants: 50-75
    Price: $300 per group (includes cost of materials)
    Location: Campus Location of your choice (depending on availability & capacity)

Building an Inclusive Community

The UC Berkeley Multicultural Education Program (MEP) aims to increase campus dialogue and help build bridges of respect, understanding, and belonging. MEP Facilitators Ashley Kelly, MSW and James Kato, MEd facilitate MEP’s “Building an Inclusive Community” workshop, specifically designed for graduate students. The workshop is currently available to GROW Grantees. Participants will have the opportunity to get to know one another, explore identity through the lens of upbringing and place, and bring together the professional and personal in talking through the space that social identities hold in graduate students’ lives. This two-hour workshop was initially designed through a collaboration between MEP and staff in the College of Environmental Design. It has subsequently been offered in several campus departments.

Transitioning from Self-Criticism to Kindness

Along with being high performers many graduate students are also really hard on themselves.  Self-Criticism is often the harsh voice that can leave us feeling beaten up rather than helping us. And there is research to support this idea. Many people however, fear that giving up their self-criticism will leave them unmotivated or unaccountable.  There is an alternative, however, to help us break our entrenched pattern and develop a clearer more balanced way to help.  In this talk, Dr. Amy Honigman, the Graduate Assembly Wellness Specialist, will be addressing issues related to finding alternatives to self criticism by generating more positive feelings to balance our reactive self criticism and instead enhance our motivation and resilience.

Communicating with Faculty

Graduate student relationships with faculty members are regarded by students as one of the most important aspect of their graduate education. Yet there are times when communication and understandings between grad students and faculty becomes problematic causing stress and delays in completing the degree.  In this workshop, Dr. Amy Honigman, the Graduate Assembly Wellness Specialist, will be covering ways to enhance communication, expectations, and interpersonal concerns to deal with this complicated relationship.

Community Lunch

One of the best ways to foster wellness in your community is to build a strong network of support within your peer group. Come together over a facilitated (but informal) lunch where we can discuss ​issues ​that impact many graduate students ​such as: 

  • Imposter Syndrome
  • Growing from Failure
  • Supporting Mental Health
  • …and more!

Have a topic in mind? Our facilitators​ will work with you to ​​find the right conversation for your group. 

Creating a Culture of Respect Workshop Series

The PATH to Care Center has developed a two-part workshop series designed around building healthy professional relationships and creating social norms change in your academic community. Click below to see the objectives of each workshop and learn more.

  • Humans are social creatures – we crave relationships and positive interactions, just as we crave essentials like water and food. The better our relationships are at work, the happier and more productive we can be. This workshop uses interactive exercises to foster participation and discussion to help grad students identify healthy and respectful workplace norms and values to prevent harm and harassment. It also offers practical guidance for grad students to explore the characteristics and benefits of respectful relationships, both personally and professionally.

  • Good working relationships positively shape how we engage with colleagues and friends and offer benefits, including more enjoyable work with those around us. The opportunity to set boundaries impacts our wellness and can sometimes mean the difference between a stressful day, job, experience and an empowering one. This workshop helps grad students identify boundary crossings and violations in both our work and personal relationships, with the goal of empowering participants to explore setting healthy and appropriate boundaries. This workshop uses interactive exercises to foster participation and discussion.

Promoting Healthy Workplaces to Prevent Sexual Harassment and Harm

Offered by the PATH to Care CenterWe have a right to experience a workplace free of harm and harassment. This workshop will help participants learn strategies to create workplaces and academic environments that encourage a culture of respect. This workshop is designed for anyone wanting to gain practical skills for uplifting positive social norms in their department, including ways to strengthen communication and engage in active bystander behavior when we recognize harmful behaviors. This 90-minute workshop uses interactive exercises to foster participation and discussion.