Humanists@Work is a UC-wide initiative geared towards UC Humanities and humanistic Social Science MAs and PhDs interested in careers outside/alongside the academy.

Humanists@Work is a targeted continuation of the Mellon-funded Humanities and Changing Conceptions of Work. This initiative, which sought to examine the changing conceptions and experiences of work in the face of major economic, technological and social developments, supported multi-campus research projects, individual scholars, and a daylong workshop geared to humanities graduate students. It was out of this workshop that Humanists@Work was born.

In partnership with the Modern Language Association’s “Connected Academics: Preparing Doctoral Students of Language and Literature for a Variety of Careers” project, UCHRI’s Humanists@Work project will conduct six workshops over the next three years and work closely with language and literature departments across the University of California system to ensure that their graduate students will attend and benefit from the training and engagement and that departments will take the lead in tracking the career prospects and job placements of their respective graduates. In addition to the statewide workshops, UCHRI will create a graduate student advisory committee to assist in planning the workshops and creating content for the website.