Berkeley is consistently among the top producers of Fulbright Fellows and NSF Fellowship recipients.

Applying for a Fulbright-IIE Grant

Spring 2015 workshop date and time TBD | Workshop Description

This workshop will provide an overview of the Fulbright-IIE application process for UC Berkeley students who will be applying for a Fulbright-IIE grant this fall. With Gina Farales Blanco (Fulbright Program Adviser, Graduate Fellowships Office) and Sabrina Soracco (Director, Academic Services).

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Application Workshop

Fall 2015 workshop date and time TBD | Workshop Description

This workshop, sponsored by the Graduate Services Fellowships Office, will give you valuable tips to help you strengthen your NSF application.

Speakers will include UC Berkeley’s NSF fellowship coordinator, a Berkeley faculty and fellowship review committee member, and three current Berkeley NSF fellows.

Individuals are typically eligible to apply during the senior year of college, prior to or during their first year of graduate school. NSF supports fields in the sciences, math, and engineering. The NSF Graduate Research Fellowships are for U.S. citizens, nationals or permanent resident aliens who are in the early stages of their graduate study.

For more information, contact Michael Sacramento, the NSF fellowship coordinator, at (510) 642-7739, by email, or come to the Graduate Fellowships Office, 318 Sproul Hall.

All of the workshops are open to UC Berkeley graduate students in all disciplines.
Preregistration is required. Wheelchair accessible. For disability-related accommodations,
please call (510) 643-9392, ten days in advance of the scheduled workshop.