Molecular Science and Software Engineering

Graduate Degrees: M.S.S.E.

Apply for Admission: January 27, 2023

Required Tests: GRE Required: No


The MSSE degree is a remotely delivered, two-year, part-time program that prepares students for careers and leadership roles in the fields of computational science and machine learning. The program is designed to formally train scientists, engineers, and computer scientists in computational and data science, and to provide them with the tools, software engineering practices, leadership, management, and entrepreneurial skills needed to create or lead science- or engineering-based enterprises.

While the degree focuses on the molecular sciences, its content is suitable for any student pursuing software engineering or data science roles in other science-based industries, or in other areas that require advanced machine learning, complex mathematical modeling and simulations, or high-performance computing.

One of the central missions of MSSE is to develop a workforce that is highly prepared to work in a multidisciplinary environment. Another central mission is to develop a diverse workforce in fields that have traditionally had low participation of women, ethnic minorities, and other underrepresented groups.

Source: Berkeley Academic Guide

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