The Berkeley Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) degree offers two options of study: one-year graduate degree option and our part-time degree option (completed over two-years). Both are offered by the Haas School of Business and cover the same curriculum. Students enrolled in the MFE Program learn to combine finance, mathematics, data science and machine learning, and computer programming skills to optimize decision making. They enter careers in areas like portfolio management, trading, data science, quantitative research, and development, as well as strats and modeling among many others.

Graduates of the MFE Program find positions in hedge funds, fintech firms, commercial and investment banking, insurance and reinsurance, corporate treasuries, private equity and asset management. Specializations include asset/liability modeling/optimization, security structuring, derivative valuation, sales and trading, consulting, asset management, research, option-based securities valuation, special hedging, real-option investment analysis, and risk management.