Image of Rachel Weinrib sailing on the Coronado
Rachel Weinrib sailing on the Coronado

Hailing from Portland, OR, Rachel Weinrib is a 25 year old graduate student in the School of Public Health with a concentration in epidemiology and biostatistics. When she’s not studying, she’s got her mind on the wind and the waves.

Rachel’s dad sailed when she was too young to learn so, when she heard about sailing with Cal Adventures, she was ecstatic to start cruising in the SF Bay. “It gets so exciting when the winds are blowing. I also love being able to take my friends out on the water who have not sailed before and give them the treat of a totally new experience. It is beautiful out on the Bay, with a great view of the City, the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, and all of the East Bay. I also really enjoyed the dinghy races we set up last summer, and I made a number of good friends through the sailing and the Adventureship program.

Rachel has taken her boyfriend out on a romantic Full Moon Paddle, skippered with novice crew for the Saturday Night Cruises and is a regular keelboat crew member for the Berkeley Yacht Club Friday Night Races. “Last April, a sailing instructor at Cal Adventures invited some of us from the intermediate sailing class to crew on a racing keelboat. The boat had only a couple people on their regular crew so they were happy to take some newbies to act as counterweight to keep the boat from heeling too much when there’s a lot of wind. After that first cold, wet, exciting race, I was totally hooked, and continued to show up every week. I gradually learned my way around the 30-foot boat through chaotically shouted instructions at intense moments during the race. I have remained as a regular crew member on that boat ever since. This crew has also taken me up to Stockton to race in the Delta, which is a totally different experience from being out on the wide open bay”.

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