Check out 1- and 2-credit spring semester courses offered by the Graduate Division’s Professional Development Program — open to all graduate students!

The Graduate Division’s Professional Development Program (GSPDP) is pleased to offer the following courses this spring for graduate students who would like to enhance their skills in academic writing, teaching, and mentoring.

Mentoring in Higher Education  —  GSPDP 301
Tuesday, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, 309 Sproul Hall, 1 unit
Instructors: Sabrina Soracco and Linda von Hoene
Class Number: 37385

This seminar will introduce graduate students to the role of mentoring in U.S. higher education and help guide graduate students as they mentor undergraduates at Berkeley, work in the context of a mentoring relationship with their graduate advisers, and prepare for the mentoring they will do in future academic and non-academic careers. The course will consist of readings, in-class discussion, short assignments, and an applied component of mentoring.

Academic Writing for Graduate Students  —  GSPDP 320
Thursday, 4 – 6 pm, 309 Sproul Hall, 2 units
Instructor: Sabrina Soracco
Class Number: 37387

The purpose of this course is to provide graduate students with formal instruction in the genres and mechanics of academic writing at the graduate and professional level. Through presentations, readings, discussion, and weekly peer editing, graduate students will develop writing and editing skills necessary for their success in graduate school and future careers.

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education  —  GSPDP 375

Thursday, 2 – 4 pm, 309 Sproul Hall, 2 units
Instructor: Linda von Hoene
Class Number: 37388

This course will introduce first-time GSIs to the theory and practice of teaching and learning in higher education. The course brings together a cross-disciplinary group of graduate students who will work collaboratively to discuss teaching in progress and selected texts on teaching and learning; experiment with various teaching methods and their impact on learning; and develop professional skills that will serve them well throughout their careers. This course is intended for GSIs whose departments do not have a 300-level pedagogy course in the spring semester and who are teaching for the first time in spring 2018 or summer 2018.