Andrew J. Szeri

Dear Graduate Students,

Your life at Berkeley may, from time to time, bring you into contact with the Graduate Division’s Office of the Dean — for example, if you need help to resolve a concern in your home department or, say, because you participate in some aspect of student governance or other activities beyond your own degree program.

Here is news about some significant changes in the Dean’s Office on the fourth floor of Sproul Hall:

Joseph Duggan

Joseph J. Duggan, Emeritus Professor of French and Comparative Literature and Professor of the Graduate School, is retiring from his half-time position as Associate Dean of the Graduate Division — a post held for 24 years with dedication and distinction. Those of you who have benefited from his wisdom will have a chance to thank Joe on a Web page soon to be online at In future, students who wish assistance (when undergoing difficulties with their home department or adviser) may consult Assistant Dean Diane Hill.

Rosemary Joyce

Rosemary A. Joyce, Richard and Rhoda Goldman Distinguished Professor of Social Sciences and Professor of Anthropology, has been appointed Associate Dean (half-time) effective July 1st. She will oversee matters related to graduate student admissions and academic progress, as well as the work of the Academic Services staff and the GSI Teaching & Resource Center. She will chair the Interdisciplinary Committee of the Graduate Council and represent graduate perspectives in academic program reviews.

Carlos Fernandez-Pello, Almy C. Maynard and Agnes Offield Maynard Professor of Mechanical Engineering, continues as Associate Dean (half-time), a post assumed in 2005. He oversees graduate student support (fellowships, awards, grants) and employment (appointments) and serves as a liaison to campus diversity and equity programs and to postdoctoral affairs.

Of course, staff underpin the work of the Graduate Dean’s Office. These are the Assistant Deans who interact with students most directly:

Corinne Kosmitzki oversees the operations of the Admissions, Degrees, and Fellowships offices on the third floor of Sproul Hall and serves as the chief administrative officer for the whole of Graduate Division as well. (In the latter role, she replaces Moira Perez, who after a decade in the Graduate Division has become the director of new initiatives for the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance.)

Diane Hill assists students and departments with exceptional academic progress issues; advises faculty on all proposals for new degree, designated emphasis, and certificate programs; and is the administrative liaison to the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate.

Both Diane and Corinne carry with them personal knowledge of the graduate student experience, as both earned Ph.D.s here: Diane in History and Corinne in Psychology.

Judi Sui, Graduate Division’s pioneer and longtime head of institutional research, will, like Joe Duggan, retire at the end of June.  Judi has served the Berkeley campus for 41 years, all in Graduate Division, which she joined soon after graduating from Cal.  She will assist me for a limited time as Special Advisor.

Many other staff members play essential roles, some visible and some less so to the graduate students whom we serve. The solid experience of longtime staff and the fresh perspectives of newer contributors help the Graduate Division to adapt and innovate continually with changing times. I’m proud of our teamwork and hope that you too find your interactions with us productive and helpful.


Andrew J. Szeri
Dean of the Graduate Division