BPSIn July, the Billing and Payment Services’ cashiering/customer service/check disbursement functions, which had been conducted in Room 140 of University Hall, moved to Room 192 on the same floor of the same building. BPS will return to room 140 after remodeling work is completed. The service hours and telephone numbers have not changed. Also since July, BPS no longer accepts CARS payments at the service windows. Students are encouraged to pay online, via e-check (mail) or their bank’s bill pay service. See the Student Billing Services website for further instructions.

Graduate students, in particular, should 1) enroll in fall semester units in order to accomplish timely registration and 2) to sign up for Electronic Funds Transfer to ensure convenient receipt of their fellowship/aid funds. (New students have probably already encountered this translation, but just in case: CARS stands for Campus Accounts Receivable System.)