Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Dean of the Graduate Division

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Lisa García Bedolla became the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and the Dean of the Graduate Division in July 2019. The chief advocate for graduate education and research at Berkeley, she is a member of academic and administrative leadership groups convened by the Chancellor and the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost. She works with the Graduate Council of the Academic Senate on policies that sustain the world-renowned excellence of more than 100 graduate programs. The Dean of the Graduate Division ensures equity and fairness across the disciplines, collaborates across the spectrum of campus stakeholders, and builds diverse sources of academic, financial, personal, and professional development support for more than 11,000 doctoral and master’s students throughout their studies.

Prior to her deanship at the Graduate Division, Lisa García Bedolla was Professor of Education and Director of the Institute of Governmental Studies and served as chair of the Center for Latino Policy Research from 2010 to 2014. She has extensive experience on a range of Academic Senate, campus administration, and UC systemwide committees, providing a working knowledge of shared governance and a wide range of education and research issues.

A professor at Berkeley since 2008, Lisa’s own extensive body of research focuses on understanding the causes of political and economic inequalities in the United States, using cross-disciplinary approaches to examine disparities that cut across the lines of ethnicity, race, gender, class, geography and sexuality.

She has earned five national book awards for her work exploring why people choose to engage politically, and has consulted for presidential campaigns and statewide ballot efforts.

Vice Provost García Bedolla is currently not accepting new graduate students in her capacity as a faculty advisor.

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