Ph.D., M.S., and M.A. students may apply for a Conference Travel Grant to attend professional conferences (self-supporting programs and programs that assess professional degree supplemental tuition are not eligible). Applicants must be presenting a paper or poster on their research at the conference that they are attending. Grant amounts will depend on the location of the conference (up to $600 within California, $900 elsewhere in North America, including Canada and Mexico, and $1,500 outside of North America). Master’s students are eligible for only one conference travel grant per academic career. Doctoral students are eligible for two grants per academic career, regardless of how many degrees they earn.


Graduate Fellowships Office

The Graduate Fellowships Office coordinates many extramural fellowships and serves as a resource center for students seeking information on fellowships funded by the University and outside sources. For more information, contact the Fellowships Office, or visit the Graduate Fellowships & Awards section of this site for applications and deadline information.

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