Latin American Studies

Graduate Degrees: M.A.

Apply for Admission: Closed for Admission.


Please note that the MA in Latin American Studies is not presently accepting applications as the program undergoes review.

The MA in Latin American Studies is a two-year program that allows students to pursue a diverse curriculum in Latin American Studies spanning a wide range of departments and professional schools, including the schools of Natural Resources, Public Health, Public Policy, Social Welfare, Journalism, Law, Education, and Environmental Design.

Students begin by taking courses that offer a broad overview of the field of Latin American Studies and introduce them to Latin Americanist research at Berkeley. Students then work closely with individual faculty to define their particular areas of interest and research.

The MA program provides an opportunity for collective learning and collaboration as students develop research skills and specialized knowledge in the field. Students are encouraged to draw on the Center for Latin American Studies.

Source: Berkeley Academic Guide

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