Thriving in Science is a campus-wide, professional development initiative at UC Berkeley that is intended to provide graduate students and postdoctoral researchers with the resources and support to make the most of their academic training. Thriving in Science seeks to empower graduate students and postdoctoral researchers to become more engaged, resilient, and creative scientists by directly addressing the real-world (often personal) challenges that are encountered in the course of a career in scientific research.

Thriving in Science seeks to address the personal challenges that specifically hinder scientific development by providing opportunities to discuss topics ranging from minimizing anxiety and managing interpersonal relationships to adopting strategies to recognize and prevent professional fatigue. As is now widely recognized within the scientific community, these aspects of our professional training are critical to a successful career in science and yet are often not adequately included as part of graduate and postdoctoral training. This shortcoming is adversely affecting not only the day-to-day lives and professional aspirations of younger scientists-in-training, but also the long-term, collective success of academic science as a whole.