photo of stressed out studentAs we approach the final stretch of the semester and move into the holiday season, make sure you take some time to pay attention to your physical, emotional, and psychological wellness. Practicing self-care is one way to help you maintain your rhythm and focus — not just in these stressful periods but over the course of your life and future career.

Here are some students’ favorite ways to step back and de-stress:

  • Connect with friends and family. “Seeing pictures of my nieces and nephews always makes me smile.”
  • Engage in some light exercise. “It might be the last thing you feel like when you’re stressed, but when I haven’t moved from my desk in 6 hours, even just a 15-minute run can clear my head and make me feel ten times better.”
  • Sleep. “It’s one of the most important things you can do — improve your mood and function.”
  • Plan a break. “Plan breaks from the daily grind as well as vacations in between busy seasons. Graduate school is a marathon – and every training plan should include breaks to avoid injury.”
  • Find a hobby (or take up an old one). “I’m not me unless I have an outlet aside from my work.”

Visit the University Health Services websites for more tips about wellness and accessing services.