recalibrate graphicIn August 2018, Berkeley launched a new wellness website, recalibrate,  as part of the UC systemwide Healthy Campus Network (HCN) initiative, aiming “to make UC the healthiest place to work, learn, and live.”

The site benefits students, faculty, and staff, dialing the different populations in to wellness resources at UC Berkeley. There are two ways to use the website:

  • ONE-CLICK: short on time and need something now? Scan through this bunch of frequently used resources.
  • EXPLORE: If you have more time, use this mode to check in with yourself and explore different resources that might be tailored to how you’re feeling and what you might need in any given moment.

Wellness is multi-dimensional, and we all have different needs to achieve our own healthy level of wellness. This site is designed to support your individual well-being as well as reshape the way we approach and achieve wellness within our different communities.