GradFestRequired for New Students

Complete New Student Onboarding Tasks in CalCentral

Prepare your student record by completing the “Scheduled Tasks” found on the “My Dashboard” tab of your CalCentral account. Scheduled tasks typically include completing the Statement of Legal Residence (SLR), immunizations form, and for international students, the Non-immigrant Information Form (NIF). In addition, you will be required to complete two mandatory Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention trainings (online and in-person).

Take Care of Business – August 24

It can be hard to find time during the week to get all your requirements taken care of, especially when you have orientations, boot camp, or meetings with your advisors. This is why we worked with campus partners to offer certain workshops and sessions on Saturday, August 24, 2019.

Pick up your Cal 1 Card

The Cal 1 Card is your official campus photo ID, providing access to various campus services, facilities, and events. It also acts as a debit card to pay for goods and services at multiple campus dining facilities and local merchant locations.

To obtain your card:

  • Submit your photo online
  • Students in programs with pre-approved remote distribution will receive their cards from their program coordinator and will be notified in advance
  • All other students should pick up their card from 212 Sproul Hall. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4:30 pm
  • ALL students must show a valid government-issued photo ID when picking up their Cal 1 Card!

For more information about Cal 1 Card uses and benefits, visit the Cal 1 Card Website.

Enroll in Courses

Students are not considered fully registered until they have enrolled in at least one class via CalCentral AND have at least 20 percent of their tuition and fees paid. Registration status determines your access to the Berkeley Student Health Insurance Program (SHIP), campus libraries, transportation discounts, and Class Pass, recreational sports facilities, and University Health Services (among other campus resources).

Fee and Tuition Payments: Graduate and professional students must pay 20 percent or more of their tuition and fees by the fifth week of instruction, or they may be dropped from enrollment in their classes. Students will be responsible for services and fees incurred during the enrollment period and should ensure that they have been properly credited for any expected fellowships or fee remissions.

Other Possible Requirements

Are you an international student? First-time Graduate Student Instructor? Does your department require you to complete lab safety courses before you start research? Make sure you’re paying attention to emails from other campus partners about any additional requirements you have to complete. Examples might include:

Recommended Tasks

Get Paid Faster — Sign up for Direct Deposit

Expecting a fellowship stipend, financial aid, or a refund? Skip the line and save paper by signing up for Direct Deposit to get funds deposited directly to your bank account.

Students who are employed by the University (for example, as a GSI or GSR) should also remember to sign up for payroll direct deposit during onboarding, or by logging into your Blu Portal.

For more information: About Direct Deposit | Bank of the West | More Local Banks.

Non-California Residents — Start prepping your residency documents

If you’re coming from out of state and plan to apply for California residency, start prepping your documents now! Steps to take may include documenting the day you arrived in California and establishing legal ties to the state within your first 30–60 days.

Learn more: Requirements | How to Apply | Book your DMV Appointment | Register to Vote.

Access Academic Accommodations through Disabled Students’ Program

The Disabled Students’ Program provides academic accommodations for students with disabilities, including temporary or unexpected conditions. Make sure that you can access accommodations and services that you are entitled to by enrolling now.

For more information: Example accommodations and services | FAQ.

Register for Emergency Back-Up Childcare Program

Currently registered UC Berkeley student parents are eligible for highly subsidized in-home or center-based back-up child care for their children. Advance registration is highly recommended. For more information, see the Back-Up Child Care website.

Explore Resources

Whether you need help finding mentorship, building a community, coping with a personal crisis, or getting access to accommodations, there is a wealth of resources, offices, and staff on campus who are here and ready to help. Visit our Student Resources webpage to help get connected more easily, or read more about some of our recommendations below!

Get Acquainted with University Health Services

ALL students can use University Health Services at the Tang Center, regardless of their insurance plan. Many students don’t realize they can still get affordable care at Tang even if they don’t have SHIP.

To learn more about services and how to access them, get started by visiting Go Tang.

Check Out Welcome Events and Orientations

In addition to events hosted by your school or department, there are a number of welcome events for new graduate and professional students hosted by divisions across campus. Check here for a regularly updated list of welcome events and download the GradBook to stay up to date on events and resources for graduate students.

Get to Know the Graduate Assembly

The Graduate Assembly (GA) is the official representative body of the graduate and professional students at UC Berkeley. The fundamental principles of the Graduate Assembly are the promotion of a vibrant student social life, inclusiveness, activism, community service, educational improvement, and professional development. In service to these principles the GA advocates for students, funds student groups on campus, and directly manages a variety of projects.

There are lots of ways to be involved with the GA — see the GA website for more information!

Jump Start Your Professional Development

GradPro (Graduate Professional Development) helps graduate students develop their skills, succeed in their programs, and launch their careers. You can get a head start on your professional development at Berkeley by:

GradPro also works with campus partners including the Graduate Assembly, the Career Center, Beyond Academia, the D-Lab, and many other student groups, units, and initiatives.