The holiday season can be a time of joy, celebration, reflection and relaxation… or for some it can amplify feelings of stress, anxiety, and loneliness. Whether you are nervous about spending time with family or hopeful and ready to face the new year, we’ve provided some great resources to help you reduce stress and make the most of your holidays.

Acing the Holiday Party Circuit
Nervous about making the rounds at the department holiday party or catching up with acquaintances you haven’t seen in months? The New York Times Smarter Living series offers guides on mastering awkward social situations, including How to Be Better at Parties and 3 Tips for Better Conversations.

Managing Frustrating Families and Estrangement
Holidays are conventionally known as times to strengthen bonds and reconnect with family. But for many, time with family can be strained for many reasons. The Greater Good Science Center, based here at UC Berkeley, offers some thoughts and practices about “hosting bipartisan holidays” and finding common ground with frustrating family members. And if you’re estranged from your family, here is a resource on navigating the holidays.

Practicing Gratitude
December can also be a time when many choose to reflect on the past year and give thanks. Practicing gratitude can trigger self-improvement by helping those who practice it feel more connected to others, inspiring elevated spirits, and encouraging humility. This gratitude meditation can help you shift focus and boost positive feelings.

Setting Yourself Up for the New Year
Interested in making a New Year’s Resolution? Check out these resources to help make sure you meet your goals in 2019.