The UC Berkeley Graduate Division, Graduate Assembly, and the Graduate Wellness Specialist are excited to announce the launch of the GROW Grants pilot program!

GRaduates Optimizing Wellness (GROW) Grants is a program designed to help graduate student communities access wellness programming and promote a culture of well-being. Graduate student groups and departments may apply for funds to host pre-packaged wellness activities and workshops, cutting down on the stress of trying to identify and organize an event themselves.

“Grad students are busy and may not have the time or mental effort to look into wellness options. After research and classwork and teaching and socializing, wellness can fall to a lower priority,” explains Madeline Klinger, a PhD student in Neuroscience and member of the GROW Grants Advisory Committee. “But you need to be well in order to do well and we need to be able to care for ourselves as we experience all the challenges life presents.”

Workshops range from Art and Wellness to Mindfulness and Meditation to Communicating with Faculty, with more being added every month. “We want to offer options to address many dimensions of wellness, both by strengthening individual skills and promoting culture change at the community level,” says Larissa Charnsangavej, Graduate Student Life Specialist.

Who can apply? Any “intact community” which, in broader terms, means a community centered around a shared affiliation or identity may apply to host a workshop. The pilot program is funded by the Wellness Fund, which aims to support wellness services and programming services for students at UC Berkeley. To learn more about the available workshops and to apply for a grant, please visit the GROW Grants website or email with questions.

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