GROW Grant funds can be used to host wellness activities and workshops for your graduate student group or organization.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Hurley

GRaduates Optimizing Wellness (GROW) Grants is a grant program where graduate student groups and departments may apply for funds to host team-building activities and skill-building workshops focused on wellness and promoting a culture of well-being. We still have funds and welcome all applicants!

Who can apply? Any “intact community” which, in broader terms, means a community centered around a shared affiliation or identity may apply for a grant.

GROW Grants launched as a pilot program in March 2019, awarding 10 grants and reaching 175+ students. The most popular workshop was “Art and Wellness,” which paid for a group class at the Berkeley Art Studio.

The program is funded by the Wellness Fund, which aims to support wellness services and programming services for students at UC Berkeley. Interested in learning more or suggesting a workshop topic? Email with questions.

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