Lori Glenwinkle
Lori Glenwinkle in the lab

As a Cal State Long Beach undergrad, Lori Glenwinkle reached out to homeless youth through StandUp for Kids. Concerned about hunger, she focused her undergraduate research on the genetics of crop production and the maintenance of world food supply. At UC Berkeley, she’s examining how animal genomes evolve in response to environmental changes. A fellowship gives her “the intellectual freedom to explore my interests,” says Lori, a first-year Ph.D. student in molecular and cell biology, genetic genomics and development division. UC Berkeley is “ideal for doing evolutionary research, [with] world-class DNA sequencing facilities,” says Lori. “I’m interested in using computer programs to further investigate…how DNA encodes the physical differences…in animals and how those differences arose.”

She continues to volunteer with low-income youth, turning kids on to science through Berkeley’s Community in the Classroom program. By sharing her enthusiasm and expertise, Lori wants to pique kids’ curiosity at an early age. “I see myself continuing in academia,” she says, exploring evolutionary biology and hoping “to make discoveries that lead to human therapeutic advances,” including the cure of diseases.

— Janet Silver Ghent (Originally published in The Graduate, Spring 2011)

Lori is the recipient of a fellowship from The Rose Hills Foundation’s Graduate Science and Engineering initiative.