Photo of Ellie Schindelman
Public health's Ellie Schindelman (in multicolored jacket) with "prize patrol" presenter Panos Papadopoulous (in blue blazer) and surrounded by her GSIs and students. (Photo: Peg Skorpinski)

Earlier, the “prize patrol” had (also with GSI connivance) snuck into a computer-lab setting on the third floor of Haviland Hall, where public health lecturer Ellie Schindelman was team-teaching a class on using video for public health leadership and advocacy. Her jaw dropped when she saw the troop of balloon-bearing unexpected visitors (“Oh, my goodness!”), and stayed dropped for much of the ambush-presentation. When it was all over and her students and GSIs surrounded her, she gave, and received, many hugs. Claiming she was “in shock,” Schindelman said she was thrilled with the both the award “and this stealth thing.” She told her GSIs how proud she is “of the work and the teaching that you all do,” and said to everyone in the room, “This is one of the best honors I could ever have!”

In nominating Schindelman, one of her GSIs said, “Ellie’s teaching capabilities go far beyond mentoring me as a first-time GSI. She was able to help me analyze my GSI experiences, but more importantly, motivate me to transform these experiences into long-lasting teaching and learning skills. Ellie’s class was more than completing a GSI requirement: her mentoring transformed me for life.”

A down-home yet highly energetic person, Schindelman is a Berkeley alumna; she earned her master’s degree in health education here in 1980. She has worn many hats on campus. Among them: managing the UC Berkeley Leadership Development Program, consulting on management, communication, and organizational culture for a variety of campus departments, and working on several UC-wide programs.

(Originally published in eGrad, May 2010)