The GSI Teaching & Resource Center supports graduate students in developing their teaching skills not only at the beginning of their work as GSIs but also as they approach the job market.

For graduate students applying for academic positions, the Center offers workshops and individual consultations on developing teaching statements (a.k.a. statements of teaching philosophy) and presenting other materials pertaining to teaching that are often required such as end-of-semester evaluations. Because some job interviews require a teaching demonstration, Center staff can assist you in developing an effective lesson plan for your teaching demo and provide the opportunity for you to do a dry run and receive feedback.

These services complement broader programs offered on campus that help you prepare for the academic job search, including the Career Center’s excellent fall series on applying for academic positions, which has two separate tracks, one for humanists and social scientists and the other for students in the STEM disciplines.

In addition, graduate students can benefit from the Graduate Division’s Summer Institute for Preparing Future Faculty, a six-week intensive program that has been very successful in helping graduate students gain confidence in approaching the academic job search and understanding what type of institution best suits their professional goals. Applications for the Summer Institute are due in March.