You could win one of seven Humanities and Social Sciences Communication Prizes, ranging from $100 to $300!

This year, in addition to the campuswide Grad Slam competition, the Graduate Division will sponsor a separate Grad Slam event for Master’s and doctoral students who are conducting original research in the humanities and social sciences (HSS), including those in professional schools who are doing HSS research. ​

This public speaking event will enable HSS graduate students to practice communicating their research to a broad audience​, convey why their research matters, and prepare — if they so choose — to participate in the campuswide Grad Slam competition. To take part in this event, HSS graduate students craft compelling three-minute narratives about their research and present these narratives to a friendly, supportive audience.

Info Session: Learn more about the HSS Grad Slam Competition!

Thursday, January 18, 1-2 pm
309 Sproul Hall

Competition Details

The registration deadline is Friday, January 26, 11:59 pm (PST). The competition will take place on Friday, February 2, 3 – 5 pm, in 309 Sproul Hall.

Participating in HSS Grad Slam is Simple:

  • Register online by Friday, January 26
  • Prepare a compelling three-minute narrative about your research
  • Attend an optional group practice session prior to the competition to hone your presentation skills
  • Present your narrative to a friendly and supportive audience on February 2

All competitors are eligible to win one of seven Humanities & Social Sciences Communication Prizes,

ranging from $300 (first place) to $200 (second place) to $100 for five honorable mentions.


Where can I see examples of this kind of presentation?
For inspiration, check out the BiblioTech talks by students at Stanford University; the PhD Comics Two-Minute Thesis Contest; and the University of Queensland’s Three-Minute Thesis Competition.

What is the format of the competition?
The HSS Grad Slam adopts its format from the campuswide Grad Slam competition. Consult the sections on “Rules” and “Judging” on the campuswide Grad Slam website for more details.

Do I have to compete in the campuswide Grad Slam event if I participate in HSS Grad Slam?
No, the two are separate events. Likewise, you may participate in the campuswide Grad Slam event without participating in the HSS Grad Slam. However, participating in both events maximizes your opportunities to hone your presentation and communication skills, as well as your chances to win prizes!

Have more questions? Attend the Info Session on January 18 or contact the Professional Development Resource Coordinator, Linda Louie.