UC Berkeley is participating in a pilot of California COVID Notify, a smartphone-based COVID-19 exposure notification system from the State of California. It uses the Exposure Notifications System built by Google and Apple to alert you when you’ve been exposed to COVID-19. It will quickly notify you if you’ve likely been exposed, allowing you to seek medical attention and reduce risk for your loved ones.

The technology is a privacy-first approach to using smartphones to aid in contact tracing. The system does not collect, track or store your location or personal information.

This program has the potential to help stop the spread of COVID-19. While participation is completely volunteer, all members of the campus community are strongly encouraged to participate. UCSF and UC San Diego have been helping the state of California pilot California COVID Notify since earlier this fall. The pilot is now expanding to UC Berkeley, Berkeley Lab, UC Davis, UCLA, UC Riverside and UC Santa Barbara. It is expected that soon the technology will be available to everyone in the state.

Learn how to download and use the app at coronavirus.berkeley.edu.