grad-slamThere’s still time to record your video!

The deadline to submit your video entry for the campuswide Grad Slam competition is almost here: Monday, February 19 (11:59 pm Pacific Time). Don’t pass up this chance to share your research and win prizes ranging from $100 to $3,000!

Record Your Three-Minute Video

  1. Read the detailed rules, instructions, and information on the Grad Slam 2018 website.
  2. Craft a three-minute “elevator pitch” for your original research. The pitch should be clear, organized, and well-delivered (see all judging criteria on the website).
  3. Make a video recording of your pitch. You won’t be judged on your skills as a videographer! As long as the judges can see and hear you, that is sufficient — a good-quality recording made on a phone camera is just fine.
  4. Submit your video by Monday, February 19 (11:59 pm Pacific Time).

What’s Next? Live Competitions!

  • Campus competition, 4/4/18: Ten semi-finalists will be selected from the video submissions to participate in a live campus competition on Wednesday, April 4. All the semi-finalists will receive $100, and three finalists will win cash prizes of up to $3,000!
  • Systemwide competition, 5/3/18: The winner of the campus competition will represent Berkeley at the UC systemwide competition on Thursday, May 3, 2018 at the LinkedIn headquarters in San Francisco and will have a chance to win even bigger cash prizes!

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