Two buddhist nuns walk through Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar holding umbrellas over their heads.
Buddhists nuns walk through Shwedagon Pagoda in Myanmar. Chelsi Moy, a Berkeley J-school student, recently profiled the nun culture in Myanmar for the NY Times.

The New York Times recently published videos produced by two Graduate School of Journalism students who spent a month in Myanmar this past summer.

The video by Catherine Traywick (who received her Master’s degree this year) examines changes in the government’s censorship policies. The video by Chelsi Moy, a second-year graduate student, shows a glimpse into the lives of Buddhist nuns in Myanmar.

“I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work abroad and learn about Myanmar’s cultures and traditions,” said Moy, who expects to graduate this spring.

The project was part of the Center for Digital TV and the World, run by lecturer Todd Carrel, who received his Master’s in Journalism and in Asian Studies at UC Berkeley in 1979.  It grew out of a video class taught by Carrell and Christopher Beaver, a local documentary filmmaker, during spring 2013.  The class reported on the Burmese diaspora community living in the Bay Area and produced videos that were published on the Washington Post website.

During the summer, Carrel and Beaver accompanied Moy and Traywick to Myanmar to mentor them on their respective stories. They were also accompanied by New York Times video journalist Matthew Orr and video journalist Pierre Kattar.

The 28-day trip involved around-the-clock reporting, shooting, and editing to produce the videos, which run in length from five to six minutes.

“Myanmar is a special place, and I feel so grateful to the people who shared their stories with us,” Moy said.

The project was made possible by grants from the Ford Foundation, The Henry Luce Foundation, and the Skirball Foundation.
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