Image of Minh Dang
Minh Dang

Every April, Dang celebrates what she calls her “Freedom Day” — the anniversary of breaking away from a life of child abuse and sex trafficking. Recognized by the White House as a Champion of Change, Dang has become nationally known for fighting the commercial sexual exploitation of children — helping many heal the pain and shame associated with it. She credits her Berkeley undergraduate experience for teaching her how to “stand up for justice” and says, “There was a time that I could only imagine breathing beyond the next day, let alone being at the White House.” Graduating this spring with a master’s in social welfare from Berkeley, Dang is the executive director of Don’t Sell Bodies, founded by actress Jada Pinkett Smith. She looks forward to April 16, 2026, when her “days in freedom will finally match my days in slavery.” Read her posts, or follow her on Twitter@minhspeakstruth. Welcome Minh to the Berkeley Wall of Fame.

—Amy Cranch