Human Rights Center summer fellowships

The Human Rights Center awards summer fellowships to students of the University of California to work with human rights organizations in the United States and abroad.

Fellowships enable students to build connections between their academic studies and complex issues in the field. The deadline for 2012 fellowships is February 23, 2012. Click on the Application page for links to applications.

Since 1994, more than 200 UC Human Rights Fellows have researched the most pressing human rights issues in 63 countries.  Student fellows have come from a wide range of disciplines, including anthropology, political science, law, environmental science, public policy, public health, and medicine. Some fellows have learned how to design and implement grassroots advocacy campaigns on behalf of the landless, poor, or urban workers in Asia, Africa, Central America, and the United States. Others have helped draft legal briefs on behalf of political asylum seekers in the United States, worked with the International Criminal Tribunals for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda, campaigned for adequate medical care for AIDS victims in Russia, or worked with organizations fighting for the rights of farmers displaced by the construction of large dams in India.

Over the last nine years, 210 UC Human Rights Fellows have researched the most pressing human rights issues in 63 countries.

Look at the profiles page to see what other UC students have been doing!

 Scholarships for children of California strawberry farmworkers

California Strawberry Scholarships are available for full-time enrollment at a college, university, community college, or accredited trade school. Scholarship awards start at $400 and can be renewed annually. The scholarship amount is based on merit.  Funding is available for graduating high school seniors and students already attending college, including advanced degrees (master’s or doctorate degrees), or professional certification (teaching credential, technical programs, etc.).  Submit online applications at The application deadline is Tuesday, March 1, 2012.  For more information about the program or the application process, please contact Dyann Meschi, Scholarship Coordinator by phone (831-724-1301) or email ([email protected]).

Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation Fellowship

The IGCC community is a far-flung cohort of scholars, students, staff, and interested parties both within and outside of the University of California, brought together by their common interest in studying international conflict and cooperation.

IGCC provides funding for UC graduate students from all ten campuses through its fellowship, internship, and grant competitions. (It also provides intensive summer training programs in residence at UC San Diego.)  The deadline to apply for the IGCC 2012-13 funding competition is March 9, 2012, at 5 p.m. PST.  The application and full details may be found on the IGCC’s website.

IGCC has provided fellowships for more than 470 UC graduate students, enabling them to conduct fieldwork or spend a year focused on writing and polishing their dissertation. IGCC also offers special dissertation fellowships that provide students with access to resources at Lawrence Livermore and Los Alamos National Laboratories or in Washington, D.C.

The interdisciplinary Graduate Internship Summer Program in Washington, D.C. is open to graduate students with a strong interest in international affairs. Over the past ten years, students have been placed at such diverse organizations as the World Bank, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation, the Asia Foundation, Human Rights Watch, Women, Law, and Development International, the Congressional Research Service, Physicians for Social Responsibility, World Resources Institute, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and the International Human Rights Law Group/Cambodia Project.

The IGCC’s director is UCSD professor Susan Shirk, an expert on Chinese politics and former

Harry Kreisler, Herbert York, and Susan Shirk
Conversing: Harry Kreisler, Herbert York, and Susan Shirk

deputy assistant secretary of state during the Clinton administration.  Prior to earning her Ph.D. from MIT, she earned a 1968 M.A. in Asian studies at Berkeley.  The IGCC  was founded in 1983 and first directed by Herbert York, who was also a Berkeley alum (Ph.D. ’49).  The first director of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, York taught physics on the Berkeley campus and was the first chancellor of UC San Diego and led that campus twice in the top job.  In 2008, Berkeley’s Harry Kreisler  interviewed both Shirk and York for his Conversations with History series on “Addressing National Security Challenges in the Post-9/11 World.”   (Available on the UC Berkeley Events channel on YouTube.)  York died the following year at the age of 87.

Graduate Division Summer Grant 2012

This is a competitive award designed to provide summer funding for academic doctoral students in all fields of study. The grant provides a $3,500 stipend plus payment of fees for three units in any Berkeley Summer Session (6, 8, or 10 week). Grants are awarded to support:  Summer Session course enrollment; field research in preparation for the dissertation or required foreign language study; dissertation writing. Eligible students are in a Ph.D. program and a GPA of 3.0 or above. Priority is given to students who have received little or no prior funding from the Graduate Division. The application, which is due Wednesday, March 14, 2012, is available from the Graduate Division website (PDF).

Fellowships offered by the Institute of International Studies (IIS)

A variety of grants, awards, and fellowships are available through the campus Institute of International Studies, with deadlines at various points in the year.  Several for graduate students are coming up in soon, with applications due on the same day: March 19, 2012.

  • John L. Simpson Memorial Research Fellowship in International and Comparative Studies. This research fellowship is awarded annually to several UC Berkeley graduate students conducting research in comparative studies (analyzing similarities and differences among societies and states with respect to social, cultural, political, economic structures and policies).
  • Allan Sharlin Memorial Award. This award is made annually to a UC Berkeley registered graduate student who shows promise of advancing scholarship in the field of historical sociology, historical demography, or social history.
  • Reinhard Bendix Memorial Research Fellowship. This fellowship is given annually to a UC Berkeley registered graduate student who shows promise of advancing scholarship in the field of political and social theory or in historic studies of society and politics.

Note: you’re welcome to apply for all three, but the total award amount cannot exceed $12,000.

Another funding opportunity shares the same March 19 deadline: the IIS Disseration Fieldwork Grant, in the form of fellowships up to $10,000 for fieldwork that’s international and comparative in nature, and/or involves substantial research outside the United States.

More information on the IIS and its support for UC Berkeley graduate students is available on the IIS website ( or via email [email protected], or conventional mail (215 Moses Hall #2308; Berkeley, CA 94720-2308).

CONICYT/BECAS Chile multi-year scholarships

CONICYT/BECAS Chile sponsors multi-year scholarships for Chilean citizens who attend the University of California.  Entering students as well as continuing doctoral students are eligible to apply.  (A separate call for applications from Master’s students will be published in early March). Information about rules, requirements, scholarship terms etc, can be found at: and the direct access is : The call will close on April 17, 2012, and the results will be published in June. CONICYT (Comisión Nacional de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica) is Chile’s national commission for scientific and technological research.  BECAS Chile — the Chile/California Program on Human Capital Development is a scholarship program sponsored by the Chilean government to send the next generation of Chilean leaders abroad to study for postgraduate degrees in energy, biotechnology, IT, environment, health, education, science, and engineering.

Fulbright Scholar Competition

The Fulbright core competition for 2013-2014 academic year grants is now open. With the exception of the seminar offerings, the deadline for all awards is 11:59 p.m., Eastern Standard Time, Wednesday, August 1, 2012.

The core Fulbright Scholar Program sends 800 U.S. faculty and professionals abroad each year. Grantees lecture and conduct research in a wide variety of academic and professional fields.

The Fulbright Program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is the U.S. government’s flagship international exchange program and is supported by the people of the United States and partner countries around the world. For more information, visit the Fulbright Scholar Program website.

The Fulbright Scholar Program is administered by CIES, a division of the Institute of International Education.

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