The School of Public Health is accepting applications for the 2019–2020 Roselyn Lindheim Award in Environmental Design and Public Health. Awards will consist of stipends up to $10,000 for one or two continuing graduate students. Recipient(s) must be registered during both terms of the 2019–20 academic year to be eligible for the award.

Throughout her professional career, Professor Roselyn Lindheim sought to bring about the creation of healthier and more humane environments. She chose to tackle many of the most serious and complex problems of modern life — the processes of birth, of health and sickness, of aging, and of dying. Professor Lindheim developed an international reputation as a critic of the modern medical system and of hospital design. She became a pioneer in the alternative birth center and hospice movements. She conceived and designed patient-oriented medical facilities within hospitals, was instrumental in developing adult day health centers for the frail elderly, and explored unique alternatives for low-income family housing.

Professor Lindheim constantly challenged conventional wisdom. In her view, conventional design solutions tended to reinforce existing institutional arrangements, which frequently deprived users of control and autonomy. To better meet user needs, she sought to bring new approaches, conceptual frameworks, and expertise to the design process. She saw it necessary to fundamentally re-examine the whole nature of what was being designed, and for whom. Professor Lindheim stressed that not only must goals and objectives be rigorously analyzed, but also that the widest range of potential users and clients be involved in the design process. Above all, she believed that it was principally through creating successful working models of innovative design approaches, that the conventional wisdom would be challenged.

Professor Lindheim was instrumental in bringing about multidisciplinary approaches to design and in opening professional dialogues between architects, epidemiologists, health planners, and members of a wide range of disciplines. In particular, she was a pioneer in the field of the interrelationship of health and the built environment. Her classes stressed creative thinking, serious analysis of existing approaches, extensive reading of a wide range of professional literature, as well as intensive involvement in the community for whom the design was being made.

The endowment of the Roselyn Lindheim Award is but one effort to ensure that her work and visions are recognized and furthered and to make her presence a continuing reality for future generations.

How to Apply

To apply, current graduate students at UC Berkeley must:

  • Complete online application form
  • Submit two letters of recommendation (at least one letter written by a UCB faculty member) directly from the author and emailed to  instruct references to use “LINDHEIM RECOMMENDATION — [APPLICANT’S FULL NAME]” in the subject line when submitting their letter.
  • Submit a statement of no more than 5 double-spaced pages (1-inch margins, 12 pt font) and includes references, figures, etc. that describes the work-in-progress. Please be sure to read Environments, People, and Health by Professor Roselyn Lindheim and Professor S. Leonard Syme.

The application deadline is January 31, 2019Contact with questions.

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