The American Councils’ Business, Technology, and Innovation Scholarship announces the Business, Technology, and Innovation (BTI) Scholarship, which supports U.S. students participating in an American Councils internship program in Russia.

  • Overseas Professional and Intercultural Training (OPIT) Through OPIT’s eight-week, English-language internships, students gain the substantive overseas professional experience and intercultural communication skills demanded by today’s global market. Participants can choose a placement in a variety of fields, including business, democracy building, human rights, education, science, technology, gender issues, journalism, public health, environmental protection, and social services in 20 countries in Southeast Europe, Eurasia, and the Baltics.
  • Business Russian Language and Internship (BRLI) combines a specially designed curriculum focusing on Russian language for the business world with an internship averaging 10-15 hours per week at a multinational company or business in Russia or Kazakhstan. Program features include homestays, weekly excursions, travel to other regions of the host country, conversation partners, and a wide range of opportunities to pursue hobbies and personal interests in a Russian-language context. The highly individualized BRLI curriculum can be tailored to serve students ranging from intermediate to near native speakers of Russian.

For more information see the American Councils website for International Education. The application deadline for the fall program is March 15, 2019.