This fall, the Office for Graduate Student Life and the Office for Graduate Student Rights and Responsibilities are excited to partner in the creation of a new Center for Graduate Student Community, Support, and Engagement, which will have its home in 321 Sproul Hall. 

Students can connect with the Center to learn about University resources, policies, and processes related to student life and well-being, campus climate, and academic integrity. Center staff will be available to help individual students identify and activate systems of support based on their unique needs, and will also work with student groups and academic departments on issues related to academic climate. Additionally, we plan to collaborate with campus partners to develop training and education programming focused on community-building, professional conduct in research, and positive culture change. 

While we expect to grow and enhance our services with input from graduate students as well as faculty and staff colleagues in graduate student-facing roles, we would like to share here some examples of programming we will offer through the Center:

  • New Graduate Student Orientation – information, events, and resources to ease the transition into graduate school and connect students across disciplines
  • Graduate and Professional Student Appreciation Week – a week of events and activities celebrating graduate students!
  • Workshop development – For student and faculty audiences, focused on building shared community values, communication skills, accountability, and lowering of barriers to seeking support
  • Basic Needs Support – we will be hiring a full-time coordinator to assist graduate students in navigating resources for housing, food, and dependent care
  • Individual consultation – supporting individuals or groups experiencing issues with academic climate in their department, program, or lab and helping students going through the academic misconduct process understand their options and rights
  • Peer Support and Networks – connecting peer support providers and networks to resources that promote individual and community wellbeing

If you have any questions or suggestions, or would like to learn more about the Center, please reach out to We look forward to welcoming you in 321 Sproul soon!