Dear Graduate Students,

Now that the semester is underway, I want to be sure you’re aware of various ways the Graduate Division might be able to assist you in the coming weeks and months, particularly if you’re new to Berkeley and haven’t yet fit us into your mental map of this complex campus.

Here are some of the things we do.

We administer and coordinate hundreds of fellowships funds, with resources for students about what’s offered and how to apply.

We advise students on preparation and filing of theses and dissertations (and, before that stage, information about your progress from registration to graduation).  If you’re planning to file your thesis or dissertation this semester, please note that the deadline for doing so is December 16.  Last fall we made it possible to file online, which is faster and easier for students and staff alike (and it’s greener).

We offer academic and professional development assistance toward successful completion of your graduate program, through workshops on academic writing, grant writing, dissertation writing, editing, preparing articles for publication.

We provide pedagogical support and guidance for new and continuing Graduate Student Instructors through orientation conferences, teaching workshops, a language proficiency program for international GSIs, and much more.

We serve as a central communications network for the graduate community, via the Graduate Division website and GradNews and a variety of publications. We also, through the Graduate Council Lectures and the Tanner Lectures series, bring prominent scholars and political figures to campus throughout the academic year for historic and prestigious public presentations.

Because the ongoing quality of Berkeley’s research, teaching, and public service missions depend on the excellence of its graduate student population, we constantly seek gifts and additions to the University’s many fellowships, to enable the campus to recruit and support the best and brightest graduate students from around the nation and the world.

All this is here for you.  I urge you to use our resources to maximum benefit.  You can learn much more about these services, and others we offer, from our website, or by dropping by — we’re on the third and fourth floors of Sproul Hall.   And we’re a pretty friendly bunch of people.


Andrew J. Szeri
Dean of the Graduate Division

P.S.  A brief afterthought:  If you are a fellowship recipient, you can help us help you, by answering the few short questions in the online Graduate Student Profile when we ask you for updates in October and March to share with donors. This allows us to tell fellowship donors specific ways in which their funds are continuing to help current students on campus.