Graduate Division's Facebook page

As Dean Szeri mentioned in his message this month, the Graduate Division has expanded its online connections to include Facebook and Twitter.

Here are those links:



We’ll take advantage of the immediacy of those platforms to update you quickly on changes and additions to information we publish in more traditional ways elsewhere.  For instance, we’ll tell you on both Facebook and Twitter where the Town Meeting with the Dean on February 9 will be held, and what the date will be for the third Forum on the Future of Public Higher Education — as soon as we find out.  Please check them out!

For the overview on graduate education at Berkeley and the many details about requirements,and the services we offer, our website — — is still the place to go. (And its topical subsection, GradNews — — is still the place for somewhat longer-form reporting for the graduate community.)

We welcome your visits to our expanding range of online communications!