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Dylan Chapple won the awards on the merits of his project, “Fitting Plant to Place.”

Congratulations to Environmental Science, Policy, and Management doctoral student Dylan Chapple for securing two grants for a campus restoration project.

Dylan won the awards on the merits of his project proposal titled Fitting Plant to Place: Site-Specific Restoration Planning on Strawberry Creek.  Funding will be given by the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Sustainability’s Green Fund and The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF).

Engaging up to 500 volunteers, the project will measure soil characteristics and landscape factors at each site along the campus’s Strawberry Creek before planting new vegetation.

The grants will also fund the work of two undergraduate students who will perform site preparation as part of the campus effort to restore the watershed. These students will collect planting data, acquire native plants from local nurseries, and propagate plants in the Strawberry Creek Native Plant Nursery.

For more information about Chapple’s project, visit TGIF website.

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