NY senate logoGraduate Fellowships are offered by the Senate of the State of New York each year. Applicants are not required to reside or attend school in New York at the time of application. Fellowships bring a $33,000 grant-in-study stipend plus benefit options.

Legislative Fellowships
Each Legislative Fellow is assigned to a specific Senator’s office, where they will function largely as if they were regular staff.  While duties vary depending on the needs of the member, Legislative Fellows generally perform in-depth policy research, take part in meetings with various interest groups and constituents, and attend legislative sessions.

Memorial Fellowships
Memorial Fellowships are awarded to applicants who demonstrate the unique qualifications and abilities required of each position. There are three placements, each awarded to a single individual for the Fellowship class.

  • Roth Fellowship — The recipient of the Roth Fellowship will be placed in the Senate Majority Press Office. The Roth Fellowship requires extraordinary communications skills and an ability to explain policy positions quickly and concisely to the media and to the broader public.
  • Wiebe Fellowship — The recipient of the Wiebe Fellowship is placed in the Majority Counsel/Program Services Office, and works on a variety of policy areas of interest to the Senate Majority Conference. Wiebe Fellows demonstrate broad interests in all areas of public policy in New York State.
  • Biggane Fellowship — The recipient of the Biggane Fellowship will be placed with the Senate Finance Committee. The Biggane Fellow focuses on budget and/or fiscal matters, and will be involved in the budgetary process — one of the Senate’s primary responsibilities to the people of New York.

View and download the program description below. Graduates can apply for a fellowship online or by mail.

Application materials and more information may be found on the Senate Student Programs website. The application deadline is Friday, April 27, 2018.