Fiona M. Doyle
Fiona M. Doyle

May is a month for recognizing one’s accomplishments during the preceding academic year, and thinking about next steps.

Those of you who are completing your studies deserve the heartiest of congratulations! Remember when you first set your sights on earning a Berkeley master’s or doctoral degree? You’ve now achieved that dream! Yours is an enviable accomplishment of which you should be very proud. I’ll be watching some of you cross the stage at commencement ceremonies, and receive that hard-earned diploma. Well done!

You will be moving ahead in many different directions, but I hope that you will all find that Berkeley has prepared you well for your professional endeavors and that your time here has honed personal values that will serve you, and others, in good stead. I urge you to keep in touch with your faculty and colleagues and let your future achievements be known to us.

Those of you continuing your studies will also be engaged in various activities over the summer: traveling to far-flung places to do research or learn languages; doing field work closer to home; exploring career options through internships; not to mention focusing on your research in our libraries and laboratories. Summer is a good time to reflect on progress made toward your goals over this past academic year. Going forward, how might you better balance your studies, teaching or research, and your home life so as to optimize your well-being? What more can you tap, whether in your academic program or elsewhere on campus, to help you get the most from your time here at Berkeley? You might discover resources that are close at hand.

For those of you traveling this summer, I want to highlight the campus services available to aid student travelers — please see the article following for important advice and useful tips.

To all, I wish you safe and happy journeys ahead. May your summer be productive and rejuvenating, wherever you are!

Fiat Lux! Go Bears!

Fiona M. Doyle
Dean of the Graduate Division
Donald H. McLaughlin Professor of Mineral Engineering