Grad Services
(Photos: Dick Cortén)

Starting — or seeking to finish — work on your dissertation? Would a dedicated space encourage focus and concentration on your writing? Would being in the quiet company of fellow doctoral candidates from humanities and social science disciplines lend moral support to your efforts?

Graduate Division Dean Andrew Szeri and Doe Library’s Graduate Services staff have teamed up to offer a new space dedicated to doctoral students advanced to candidacy: the Dissertation Writer’s Room, which opened June 21 in Room 215 of the Doe Library.

Located at the rear of Graduate Services (208 Doe), the Dissertation Writer’s Room hours are Monday through Thursday, 9 am to 9 p.m.; Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; and Sunday, 1 to 9 p.m. Remember to bring your UCB ID to show when you enter 208 Doe, as Graduate Services is reserved for the exclusive use of UCB graduate students, faculty, and staff.

Tom Leonard, University Librarian
Tom LeonardUniversity Librarian(Photo: Peg Skorpinski)

The Dissertation Writer’s Room’s current capacity is cozy, accommodating six students using the study tables and two using the reading chairs. As utilization increases, this will be expanded. Wireless Internet connections are available via AirBears.

As you may have read in these pages in an earlier issue, Doe’s Graduate Services section is a study space for all graduate students, housing around 25,000 volumes and a reserve library for graduate courses in the humanities and social sciences. The core collection comprises standard editions of core texts, works of major theorists, titles on master’s exams reading lists, and other materials heavily used by graduate students in the humanities and social sciences. Graduate Services also houses the Modern Authors Collection (XMAC), comprised of the works of major 20th century English, American, and Anglophone literary authors, and a small collection of English and foreign language dictionaries. More information is available online about the Graduate Services collections and its policies.

By the way, in addition to the study spaces in Graduate Services, study carrels in the Gardner (main) Stacks can be reserved by graduate students. Graduate students may apply at the Doe Circulation Desk for these carrels, and books from the Gardner Stacks may be charged out and kept in the carrels.

Disambiguation Note: the Library’s Graduate Services is a separate entity from the Graduate Division’s identically-named Sproul-Hall-based Graduate Services, which is comprised by the offices that work with grad students regarding fellowships, appointments (academic employment, such as GSIships), and degrees. Both are quiet places, but the Library’s has far more table space.