vision + lightgraphicOctober 27 & 28
5:30 – 8:30 pm
Energy Biosciences Building

Taking the format of an art gallery opening, Vision + Light will display aesthetic images across a range of visual media, which emerged from, or were inspired by, scientific research at UC Berkeley. On each evening, there will be short presentations and conversations on related topics.

The theme examines the creativity and technology behind the process of observation that both scientists and artists use to explore the world.

The show will feature images captured through research at the ZEISS Berkeley Brain Microscopy Innovation Center, as well as works across a range of STEM disciplines. Among several interactive exhibits, the ZEISS Digital Classroom will engage participants in observation through a network of connected microscopes.

This year’s production will be the fourth iteration of this highly popular Science@Cal event, previously presented as Art in Science: The intersection of image and research.

Participants from the UC Berkeley science and art communities include:

  • Greg Niemeyer, Berkeley Center for New Media
  • Carlo Séquin, Graduate School, CS Division
  • Jack Gallant, Psychology
  • Nipam Patel, Integrative Biology
  • Patricia Zambryski, Plant & Microbial Biology
  • Holly Aaron, Molecular Imaging Center
  • Farley Gwazda, Art Practice
  • Philipp Haslinger, postdoc, Physics
  • Bernard Peyton, the Lawrence Hall of Science, internationally renowned origami master, and Berkeley alum

Vision + Light is produced by Science@Cal in partnership with the Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute, the ZEISS Berkeley Brain Microscopy Innovation Center, and the Bay Area Science Festival. This event was made possible through support by ZEISS.