Thinking about next steps in your career? The Versatile PhD is a new resource for graduate students who want to know more about non-academic career options and how to pursue them. Their focus is on humanities and social science careers, but graduate students in the STEM disciplines can benefit as well.

Their site features:

  • PhD Career Finder
  • Discussion boards
  • Job listings in both academia and non-academia
  • A searchable membership directory
  • Local meet-ups

Join a supportive web-based community where you can dialogue with “Versatile PhDs” in and outside the academy. Read first-person narratives written by humanities and social science PhDs and ABDs who have established non-academic careers, describing how they did it and sharing their advice from experience. See authentic, successful resumes and cover letters from humanist or social scientists who received non-academic positions as their first job.

You can login and register through using your CalNet ID. For more information go to the VSPA website.