Important Summer Break Reminders

Still in Berkeley for the summer? View Tang Center summer hours on the UHS website. If you are graduating or leaving the university or are waiving out of UC SHIP for 2012-13, eligibility to use UC SHIP ends August 14, 2011.

Student Health Insurance Plan for 2012-13

All UC Berkeley students are enrolled into the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP), a system-wide insurance plan covering more than 130,000 students. For more information, including coverage period, services, and what’s covered, see the UHS website’s plan details page. The UC SHIP fee for graduate students in 2012-13 will be $1,153 per semester, or $2,306 for 12 months of coverage.

Waiving UC SHIP enrollment

If you want UC SHIP coverage, no action is necessary. You will be enrolled automatically in UC SHIP and charged the health insurance fee on your campus E-Bill. You can choose to waive enrollment in UC SHIP by completing an on-line waiver application form.

New graduate students must submit waiver forms by Friday, August 31. Waivers submitted between September 1 and September 15 will be charged a $50 late waiver service fee on the campus E-Bill. Absolutely no waivers will be accepted after September 15. (UC SHIP waiver deadline for continuing graduate students: Sunday, July 15, 2012.)

Graduate Student Instructors and Researchers may be eligible for remission of the health insurance fee. Please check with your hiring department. For more information on UC SHIP, visit the UHS website, call the Student Health Insurance Office at (510) 642-5700, or email

Workshops on insurance after graduation

If you are a UC SHIP member who has graduated, or if you are losing UC SHIP eligibility because you are no longer a registered student at UC Berkeley, it is important to plan ahead for continuing health coverage. A variety of plans are available to you once your UC SHIP coverage expires. Workshops will be held in August; check the website for updates. For additional resources, see the UHS web page on insurance after graduation.