UHS winter break closure and new technology launch

eTang LogoUniversity Health Services/Tang Center will be closed for Winter Break from December 22, 2012 to January 1, 2013, reopening at 12 noon on Wednesday, January 2. Remember to get prescriptions filled and make needed medical appointments before the break. Get more tips online to take care of your medical and insurance needs over break from the UHS/Tang online reminders page.

UHS will be launching eTang, the new electronic health system and online scheduling program, on January 2. UHS kindly requests your patience as they implement this exciting new technology, especially in the first weeks working through the changes of the new system. After they get the new system up and running smoothly, they will be expanding online features available through eTang to include features like messaging to clinicians, electronic lab results, pharmacy refill, online billing information and more. Stay tuned throughout the Spring semester for these new services designed for you to access Tang electronically anywhere, anytime.

UC SHIP waiver deadline for spring/summer 2013

UC ShipIf you waived enrollment for UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) in fall 2012, your waiver is effective for the entire 2012-13 academic year.  January 9 is the deadline to waive enrollment in SHIP for spring/summer 2013. If you want UC SHIP coverage, no action is necessary. If you want to waive enrollment in UC SHIP and did not waive for the fall 2012 semester, submit an online waiver application before you leave campus for the winter break. Waiver applications must be submitted each year you are a student at Cal.

Want more info?  Check the UHS UC SHIP page, email ship@uhs.berkeley.edu, or call (510) 642-5700.

UHS/Tang signInsurance after Graduation

If you are a UC SHIP member who will be graduating this semester, or if you are losing UC SHIP eligibility because you are no longer a registered student at UC Berkeley, it is important for you to plan ahead for continuing health coverage (the Fall 2012 UC SHIP plan coverage ends January 14, 2013).

A variety of plans are available to you once your UC SHIP coverage expires, including continuing your UC SHIP coverage for one semester. You can find out more on UHS’s after-graduation page, which is chock-full of info.