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  • Effective 2015-16, Berkeley SHIP will not offer coverage for dependents. In order to contain costs and adhere to Affordable Care Act (ACA) laws, student leaders from the Graduate Assembly and ASUC were notified of the proposal to drop coverage for dependents. This change affects 0.9% of students on SHIP but it is significant and requires attention. See below for assistance for managing this change.
  • Berkeley SHIP will no longer offer Voluntary Continuation coverage to graduating students. Like above, containing costs and adhering to new laws required this cut.
  • University Health Services has contracted with Barney and Barney, a health insurance broker, to provide free helpline assistance for students seeking individualized guidance on the process of enrolling dependents or continuing coverage after graduation. Many graduate students will find that they are able to secure better coverage at lower cost than Berkeley SHIP had been able to offer. Call (855) 251-9094 or email insuranceqa.berkeley@barneyandbarney.com.
  • Remember, eligibility to use 2014-15 SHIP ends August 14, 2015.
  • SHIP waiver deadline for 2015-16 will be July 15. 

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