Toward the end of August, Harry Le Grande, Berkeley’s vice chancellor for student affairs, and Andrew Szeri, dean of the Graduate Division, issued a joint statement for all new and returning Cal students. It said:

UC Berkeley prides itself on the strong sense of community created by 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students. As we start a new academic year together, let us remember our commitment towards one another with regard to our shared values outlined in the Principles of Community as well as our rights and responsibilities for a safe learning environment noted in the Time, Place, and Manner policy. We encourage you to visit the following links for important information related to University regulations and policies.

Principles of Community: Its intent is to serve as an affirmation of the intrinsic and unique value of each member of the UC Berkeley community and as a guide for our personal and collective behavior, both on campus and as we serve society.

Time, Place, and Manner policy: Details campus regulations regarding public forums and rallies. See Section 300.

Statement on Free Speech: Now incorporated into the Time, Place, and Manner rules (Section 332).

How to Protest Safely

Sather Gate