Are you concerned about your financial future in a complex world of credit cards, debit cards, student loan debt, credit reports, FICO scoring, identity theft, 401(K) plans, IRAs, the impacts of love and money in a relationship, the best ways to buy a house or car, taxes, investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, and soaring medical costs? Learn how to better manage your money and achieve “financial security” in a rapidly changing global economy. This course discusses Personal Financial Management and gives graduate students a solid background in the subject as they prepare for their careers in a world where important financial choices are made and mistakes can be costly.

Continuing Lecturer: Fred Selinger has served on several boards of directors and has held licenses in securities, real estate and insurance. He has served as a Corporate CEO, managing director of a private Investment bank, and has conducted professional business & financial seminars.

Class Format: Credit is 2 units. Class meets once a week during the Spring 2015 semester on Mondays, 4-6 pm in F295 Andersen Auditorium (MBA 296.5 CCN 09011) or Mondays, 6-8 pm in C230 Haas (MBA 296.6 CCN 09013). It is an elective course for graduate degree programs. Graduate students can enroll directly via Telebears using the CCN.

Readings: “The Missing Link: from College to Career and Beyond, 4th Edition” by Fred Selinger, published by Pearson, 2013.

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