The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded UC Berkeley a $3 million grant to evaluate and expand its data science curriculum to ensure it is accessible to a broad range of students. The UC Berkeley D-Lab is hiring several positions related to this research project. Read through the descriptions below if you are interested in joining the team.

Graduate Student Assistant

The D-Lab is seeking an hourly Graduate Student Assistant to assist with successful implementation of our NSF IUSE research components; including logistics, student recruitment, and project documentation. The position will be for an average of 7 hrs/week for 7 months with the possibility of an extension. To apply interested Berkeley graduate students should submit the Graduate Student Assistant application.

Recruitment of a Post-Doc in STEM Education

The Postdoctoral Fellow will support a research agenda with a set of broad questions that are generalizable to undergraduate data science education in many types of four-year institutions. Interested candidates should submit the Post-Doc application to apply.