Berkeley Food Institute (BFI) is co-sponsoring a symposium in Washington, DC with American University, on March 28, 2017, titled “Farm Bill 2018: Policy, Politics & Potential.” The event will bring together scholars, policymakers, to help demystify the 2018 Farm Bill, diving deep into what is and isn’t included and why. Together, they will explore how community-partnered research can help inform, reform, and transform the Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill is a $490 billion piece of federal legislation that requires renewal about every five years. The funds support the US Department of Agriculture and all its diverse functions:

  • nutrition support for low-income communities
  • support for farmers and rural communities, environmental conservation
  • food and agriculture research

In other words, the 2018 Farm Bill will influence our foodscape for the next five years and beyond!

In an effort to include Berkeley students and faculty, Berkeley Food Institute is offering limited funds to support Berkeley student travel (up to $750) and faculty travel (up to $500) to attend this event. BFI can assist with ideas on affordable lodging and transportation.

If you’re interested attending, email a combined document (PDFs preferable) to [email protected] with the following information:

  • Your name and role (undergrad, PhD student, faculty, etc.) at UC Berkeley;
  • Why you’d like to attend this symposium, and what you hope to get out of it (no more than 300 words), OR a creative format to express your answer to this question (up to you to define!)

Applications for funding will be considered on a rolling basis, and will be closed once budget limit is reached. Apply as soon as possible. The symposium will take place during the week of Spring Break. For more information see the American University website. See you in DC on March 28!