International House Room and Board Scholarships for Graduate Students

Many people who drive or walk by the beautiful Moorish style building with the iconic dome on Piedmont Avenue and Bancroft Way know it as “International House,” but are not quite sure what takes place within its walls. Built in 1930 and funded by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., “I-House” as it is known, is a program center and campus residence for students from around the world, including the U.S.

The current 585 residents, graduate students, undergraduate students (junior and senior level) and post-docs are offered not only a residence and outstanding meals, but the opportunity to participate in the I-House mission: to promote intercultural experiences and leadership skills for a world of greater understanding.  

In order to expand the number of U.S. residents and diversify the number of academic areas represented by its residents, I-House initiated a scholarship outreach program for U.S. graduate students from underrepresented academic arenas.

Each spring since 2017, graduate advisors in underrepresented academic disciplines are invited to nominate graduate students for a significant scholarship competition: a half-off room and board grant for one academic year. Graduate areas traditionally underrepresented in the I-House student population are the humanities, art, certain sciences, music, performance studies, public policy and journalism to name a few.

For 2019-20, five half-year scholarships were awarded to U.S. graduate students in neuroscience, journalism, and public policy. By expanding the number of the U.S./permanent resident population in this global community, more and more opportunities for real intercultural friendships and understanding can flourish. Interested graduate advisers should watch for nomination information in spring 2020 for the following academic year.

I-House partners annually with the Graduate Division to sponsor the Gateway Fellowship Program for incoming international and U.S. Ph.D. students. All graduate advisors will be invited to nominate top incoming Ph.D students in January 2020 for the 2020-21 academic year. 

Additionally, the online application for the I-House partial room and board financial aid program will open in May for the subsequent academic year. This application is for all I-House incoming residents in a degree-seeking program at Cal.  International House thanks the many generous alumni, friends, and donors who have made these scholarships possible.

For more information, visit the I-House Financial Aid webpage at or email [email protected].