As a student in the age of digital recording of practically anything, anytime, are you aware that the campus has rules regarding note-taking and recordings and the uses thereof? If you’re a GSI, are you also aware that as an instructor you retain the copyrights to your class materials — a right that stems from Federal law?

 The campus has brought its policies in this area up to date with major changes in techno-reality. This memo from Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost George Breslauer provides an overview and links to the policies themselves.

Dear Colleagues:

The campus policy on Course Note-taking and Course Materials was last revised in 1999. Since that time, the use of technology has transformed the way students study, learn, access and share course materials.

Last year, a joint Academic Senate-Administrative Task Force was charged to review the policy and to make appropriate recommendations for revising the policy to address twenty-first century learning, commercial and technological environments. Its recommendations were endorsed by the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate and myself, and I am pleased to issue the updated policy.

Vice Provost Cathy Koshland’s office is partnering with various campus units to educate instructors, staff and students about the policy. Since individual instructors hold the intellectual property rights, or copyrights, to their creative output, instructors are responsible for advising students of their individual preferences regarding course note-taking and course material sharing and for responding to violations.

We have created a website to assist you in considering your preferences, informing students, and enforcing your rights.

We encourage staff, too, to become knowledgeable about the policy and the options available to faculty for educating students and discouraging policy violations.

Thank you for informing yourself regarding these important issues, which uphold the core values of our academic community.

George W. Breslauer 
Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost

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