The GradPro team is here to assist you in all matters related to professional development. Whether you are curious about resources at Berkeley that are available to help you develop your skills, want to learn about different career paths, or are looking for feedback on setting and working towards personal and professional goals, GradPro’s team of four Professional Development Liaisons (PDLs) and one postdoctoral fellow are here to help.

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New PDLs:

Jennifer Chung

Department: Law
“As a first-generation college student and first-generation professional, I’ve recognized some of the challenges that underrepresented and disadvantaged students face in higher education and I hope to serve and support diverse communities. I’m interested in helping students develop their careers through meaningful mentorship, active engagement within their fields, and relationships with university programs and resources.”

Allison Gleason

Department: Mechanical Engineering
“I became interested in taking a Professional Development Liaison position as I get closer to finishing my degree and have started to seriously consider a career beyond academia. This position offers me the ability to learn about the possibilities available to me with my degree outside of the academic setting. I’m interested in helping to make GradPro better known across campus via departmental outreach, encouraging self-care and mental health care through mentorship, and learning how to best use all of the resources available to me to make the experience of every graduate student better. I am especially hopeful to be able to assist fellow disabled graduate students in finding and navigating the multitude of resources that the Graduate Division has available.” 

Allyson Tang

Department: East Asian Languages and Cultures
As a humanities Ph.D. student at Berkeley, I am very interested in identifying and developing professionalization resources for students coming from diverse backgrounds. I am passionate about helping individual students to discover career opportunities and to recognize their unique strengths and skill sets. In addition, I am particularly interested in advocating for disability awareness and access: I hope to help develop more disability-related professionalization resources in our community as a Professional Development Liaison.” 

Returning staff:

David Bratt

Hitchcock Postdoctoral Fellow

“Throughout my time in graduate school, I benefited greatly from the many workshops, conferences, and training sessions related to professional development at Berkeley. I am excited to continue promoting knowledge of and access to these resources as a postdoctoral fellow. I am especially interested in exploring how Ph.D. students can use internships, externships, and other forms of experiential learning to diversify their skill sets and explore different careers.

Alicia Roy

Hitchcock Postdoctoral Fellow
“My journey to GradPro began when I started exploring campus resources for myself and thinking about multiple possible career paths as a doctoral student in the humanities. Now, as a recent PhD, I am passionate about using my experience and knowledge to improve the graduate student experience for others. I am particularly interested in working with departments to change the culture regarding nonacademic careers and career preparation to make every grad student feel empowered and positive about their lives after the degree.”

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