GradPro staff members are here to support you as you navigate your graduate program, career planning, job search, and beyond.  

Here at GradPro, we understand graduate school can feel overwhelming as you juggle multiple personal, academic, and professional goals. Professional Development Liaisons (PDLs) are trained to provide peer support to graduate students from diverse backgrounds and academic disciplines as they navigate their programs and plan for life after graduate school. We encourage all graduate students to meet with a Professional Development Liaison (PDLs) for a virtual and confidential one-on-one consultation, where you can learn more about on-and-off-campus resources, strategies, and services that are relevant to helping you navigate your academic and professional planning and goals. Whether you are looking for a career within or beyond academia, we will direct you to resources and offices that will help you succeed on your career path. 

Learn more about our GradPro team and what motivates their work below.


Professional Development Liaisons

Allyson Tang

East Asian Languages and Cultures

As a humanities Ph.D. student at Berkeley, I am very interested in identifying and developing professionalization resources for students coming from diverse backgrounds. I am passionate about helping individual students discover career opportunities and recognize their unique strengths and skill sets. In addition, I am particularly interested in advocating for disability awareness and access; I hope to help develop more disability-related professionalization resources in our community as a Professional Development Liaison.

Black and white photo of GradPro team member Haripriya Sathyanarayanan

Haripriya Sathyanarayanan

Architecture and DE in New Media

I am a PhD Candidate in Architecture interested in design, environment, and health from a social ecological perspective, and I engage in participatory design with communities to co-create solutions that meet their specific needs. I am passionate about mentoring; I have been involved in various mentoring activities throughout my professional career and as a graduate student at UC Berkeley. As I start preparing for a career beyond academia, I am excited to be a part of GradPro and to have opportunities for a rich exchange of ideas and collaboration across disciplines. As a first-generation international student and student parent, my primary goal as a PDL is to focus and help develop resources to support the international student community and student parents this year. 

Martha Ortega Mendoza


Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Berkeley School of Education. My doctoral work seeks to center and uplift the voices and lived experiences of undocumented graduate students. Moreover, my work seeks to interrogate how institutions can better support undocumented graduate students. My research interests have also influenced other spheres of my life, including my professional work experience. At GradPro, I am elated to continue serving as a liaison between our office and the Office for Graduate Diversity (OGD). I am proud of the collaboration that has developed between these two offices because it has brought further visibility to the unique challenges faced by undocumented students and the limitations of professional development opportunities and career pathways available to undocumented graduate students. 


Postdoctoral Fellow

Sophie Major

Hitchcock Postdoctoral Fellow

Sophie, whose research spans the fields of political theory, environmental politics, and Indigenous studies, received their PhD from UC Berkeley in 2022. As a Hitchcock Postdoctoral Fellow in the Graduate Division, their priority is to bring practices of mutual respect, anti-racism, and equity to academia and graduate student professional development. Their primary objective in this work is to develop and oversee programming that supports students from diverse backgrounds and identities, and particularly students from underprivileged and historically underrepresented backgrounds and identities.

Whenever you feel ready to take the step and schedule an individual consultation, GradPro is here to guide you through your professional development process. To learn about other services, programs, and resources GradPro offers to graduate students, visit the GradPro website.


Martha Ortega Mendoza is a Ph.D. candidate in the Berkeley School of Education and self-identifies as a first-generation student who comes from a working-class background. Currently, Martha serves as a Professional Development Liaison (PDL) and is excited to connect with fellow graduate students.